• Lotus for change

    Negotiating Change

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    Witnessing Transformation

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    Exploring the Boundaries of the Breath

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    The Gift of Discipline

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    Give a little – freedom on the inside

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    Moving Mindfully 2

  • Following the Energy

    Following the Energy

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    the Sunday Nourish

  • Moving-Mindfully

    Moving Mindfully – a vinyasa course

Lotus for change

Negotiating Change

Being alive means constantly adapting to the changes in our internal and external worlds. Change can be a cause of suffering if it is forced upon us, or if we resist it. But when we choose to make a change, and observe ourselves in the process of transformation, we can learn a lot about our patterns, and the degree to which we are able to free ourselves from the ones that cause suffering for us. Certain mantras (chants), and specific […]

Transformation 1

Witnessing Transformation

One of the great privileges of being a yoga teacher, is to witness transformation. In every class there is a shift – from distraction to attention, from separateness to unity, or from agitation to calm. One might observe this in a particular student, or in the group as whole, or in even in one’s self as a result of having held the group for the duration of the session. Through yoga we have the capacity to reduce our suffering, and […]


Exploring the Boundaries of the Breath

Marie Kiely is presenting a new 8-week yoga course, starting on May 10, 2016. The course is entitled ‘Exploring the Boundaries of the Breath’. “Breath (inhale) brings energy into our body and releases (exhale) toxins, stress and tension. Using the yoga tools of āsana, prānāyāma and nyāsa we will explore the breath and develop the possibilities of conscious breathing.” ~ Marie Kiely . To book for this course, please visit our booking page. For additional information about the content of […]