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    Studio closing dates for 2017

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    Pilgrimage of Sound

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    Mantras for Peace

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    Negotiating Change

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    Witnessing Transformation

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    Exploring the Boundaries of the Breath

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    The Gift of Discipline

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    Give a little – freedom on the inside

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Studio closing dates for 2017

On November 17 I will be heading to India for the last module of my Yoga Therapy training at the KHYF. The last class for 2017 will be at 10:00am on Tuesday, November 14. I will be returning home in late December, so classes will resume mid January, 2018. I will open up the bookings for 2018 before I leave, so please check in with the booking page from time to time over the next few weeks if you wish […]


Pilgrimage of Sound

I am very excited about the upcoming Vedic chanting seminars led by Menaka Desikachar. During my yoga therapy training in Chennai, Menaka has been my chanting teacher. She is a wonderful guide and a warmhearted person. Menaka will be teaching in Raumati South, Dunedin and Auckland. The seminar in Raumati South will focus on chants that honour the divine feminine, while the Dunedin and Auckland seminars will offer participants the chance to learn healing chants from the Vedas. Sri Sakti […]

singing bowl

Mantras for Peace

Dear friends, I offer you this introduction to Vedic chanting, a practice which has brought me much joy and peace, as well as inner strength. Yoga is a transformative practice, and if we are to succeed in finding our personal path to freedom, we have to find our own voice. In my experience, chanting mantra as part of your daily practice is a powerful way to do that. Our main focus will be on learning ‘Sam No Mitra’ which is […]