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Heal with the Heart

KHYF Yoga Therapy Training Self empowerment and healing through body, breath, mind and spirit. An opportunity to study this ancient healing modality in the classical tradition of T. Krishnamcharya and TKV Desikachar, is being offered in New Zealand for the first time, starting in January of 2020. This training consists of 6 modules, and will conclude in January 2022. A detailed prospectus can be downloaded from Ruth Diggins’ website, where you will also find links to the KHYF, and more […]

Lessons from the moon

A new moon signifies the start of a new lunar cycle, and can be a powerful reminder of our own cyclical nature. As human beings we are part of the natural world, but our daily lives can be governed by rhythms that leave little or no space for reflection, release or nourishment. As we get swept up in our busy-ness, we can become so disconnected from ourselves, that we forget we have the choice to retreat. The moon reminds us […]

Excited tui

Good Vibrations

The Benefits of Chanting Among the various tools of yoga chanting holds a very special place. Sound can reach the deepest part of us, and create transformation from within. The practice of mantra japa (repetiton of mantras) can be done as a practice on it’s own, or we can add mantras to asana and pranayama sequences. We do this in class quite often, as it helps to keep the mind engaged, and also supports deep and steady breathing. When working […]