Give a little – freedom on the inside

A wonderful opportunity has arisen for us to share the gifts of yoga with a group of people who might not normally have access to this life affirming practice. My friend and colleague, Adhyatma, has been teaching yoga to inmates at Rimutaka prison for quite some time. Along with several other generous teachers, she has been helping prisoners to discover a sense of connection and belonging through regular yoga classes. The feedback from the people who have attended the classes is wonderful! The insights they receive as a result of their practice gives them access to wholeness, and inner strength. Many of them go on to do their own practice, and some even teach what they learn to other inmates.



A campaign is underway to raise funds for Yoga Education in Prisons. By donating to this Give-a-little cause, you can help to fund more classes, and to give much needed support to a group of teachers who do this work because they believe that yoga is for everyone. Many of the teachers have done this work voluntarily, without income, paying for their own transport costs.


The video on the Give-a-little page is great to watch.  It will give some insights into the benefits of the programme. If you are moved to donate, please make your own pledge there. Freed-om-yoga will be donating all your class fees for the week, and there is a jar in the lobby for those who would like to donate in the old fashioned way!

I hope you can give a little to this worthy cause.







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