Pilgrimage of Sound

I am very excited about the upcoming Vedic chanting seminars led by Menaka Desikachar. During my yoga therapy training in Chennai, Menaka has been my chanting teacher. She is a wonderful guide and a warmhearted person. Menaka will be teaching in Raumati South, Dunedin and Auckland. The seminar in Raumati South will focus on chants that honour the divine feminine, while the Dunedin and Auckland seminars will offer participants the chance to learn healing chants from the Vedas.

Sri Sakti – Honouring the Divine Feminine

Sri is the name given to the divine feminine that manifests in so many forms around this wonderful universe. It is believed in the Vedic tradition that Sri is indeed the power that creates, nourishes, protects, heals and eventually liberates. She also expresses herself as energy and pervades every being, bringing light and life, knowledge and illumination, purity and sacredness. She is also half of the universal polarity principle and is the connecting force through which the two unite as one, transcending the domains of matter and consciousness.

In this seminar we will learn some Sakti chants using the traditional technique of adhyayanam. Each day will include a meditative Yoga practice emphasising the use of chant to give participants an opportunity to deeply connect with their own experience. We will explore some of the global meanings of the chants as well.

Cost: NZ$ 315
Dates: 30 Sep – 02 Oct 2017
Venue: Raumati South Hall, Tennis Court Road, Raumati South
The Healing Power of Sound
Among the many tools that are available in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, the use of sound when chanting in Sanskrit holds a special place for the yogin-s of the past and the present. Sanskrit is an ancient phonetic language which utilises the power of sound vibrations. Vedic chants in Sanskrit are said to have been received by sages when they were in deep meditation. These chants have been handed down through an oral tradition for thousands of years.
This seminar will provide opportunities to learn some Vedic healing chants. No prior experience is necessary and is open to all. The rules of chanting and pronunciation will be introduced during the seminar under the guidance of a very experienced teacher, Menaka Desikachar. We will honor the tradition of ancient teachers using the process of adhyayanam – listening to the teacher and then repeating the chant. We will also do a yoga practice each day that combines the use of chant with simple asana and breathing.
Cost: NZ$ 225
Dates: 07 – 08 Oct 2017
Venue: Dunedin Yoga Studio, 492 Moray Place, Dunedin
Dates: 14 – 5 Oct 2017
Venue: Blockhouse Bay Boat Club, Endeavour Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland
For bookings, or for more information, please contact Ruth Diggins via email, ruthyoga@paradise.net.nz or through by calling 04-905-6224 or 021-258-6865.
Private consultations with Menaka
Menaka Desikachar will also be available for private yoga therapy consultations during her visit. In these sessions you can receive an individualized and holistic daily practice, that will support your health and wellbeing. Alternately you could also book a private chanting class with Menaka. Cost of these private consultations will be $120. Each private lesson may last between 30-45 minutes depending on the need. Please contact Ruth Diggins if you are interested in booking a session.
Menaka Desikachar may be assisted by some of the senior teachers in this tradition during the seminars and also in some of the private sessions. These teachers include Sacha Kronfeld, Ruth Diggins and Evelyn Einhaeuser.

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